We are consulting on a change to the disabled person exemption at the Tyne Tunnels. Change is necessary to implement the Tyne Pass barrier-less free flow scheme which is expected to come into operation in December 2021. The new free flow scheme will bring many benefits to tunnel users as it will reduce journey times and carbon emissions when implemented.

The nature of the new scheme will mean the existing barriers will be removed and number plate recognition will be used for all user journeys through the Tyne Tunnels.

This means that a change is required to the disabled person exemption as Blue Badge holders will no longer be able to show their badge in person at the barriers.

Currently there are two types of toll exemption for disabled people:

1. Vehicles registered with the DVLA for a disabled person’s exemption from road tax

2. Any vehicle carrying a Blue Badge Holder

A number of options are being considered by the Joint Transport Committee and Tyne and Wear Sub-Committee regarding changes to the Blue Badge Holder Exemptions. Options include the removal of the Blue Badge Holder exemption or mandatory registration of a specified vehicle for Blue Badge use. Please note the DVLA registered disabled person exemption will remain in place. 

We are keen to hear from the public on this as part of an eight-week public consultation so please share your views and fill out the survey below.


To read more about the change being considered and why this is required, please read the consultation document here.

This document is available in alternative formats including an audio version and easy read version. If you require an alternative format or have any questions on the proposed changes you wish to discuss, please email NECATyneTunnels@transportnortheast.gov.uk or call 0191 574 0031.

Share your views

We are keen to hear your opinions on the proposed change. All feedback gained throughout this consultation will be considered before a final decision on this is made by the North East Joint Transport Committee (Tyne and Wear Subcommittee).

This consultation will run until 23.59pm on 14 April 2021.

To respond to the consultation, please fill out the survey below or email NECATyneTunnels@transportnortheast.gov.uk before the closing date.

How we use your information

To understand how we will use and process any information provided by you as part of this consultation please click on this page.