Projects & Campaigns

On behalf of the North East Joint Transport Committee (NEJTC) we’re leading innovative projects which are shaping the future of regional transport.

Discover more about our recent campaigns and how we’re improving connectivity across the North East.

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Connected North East: Our Blueprint
Our ‘Connected North East: Our Blueprint’ document forms the basis of ongoing discussions with central government about regional transport and digital connectivity post Covid-19.
Active Travel Fund
On behalf of the North East Joint Transport Committee (NEJTC), we worked tirelessly to support the growing public need for walking and cycling during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Go Ultra Low North East
The Go Ultra Low North East aims to raise an awareness Ultra Low Emission Vehicles or ULEVs, encouraging consumers to consider EVs in the future. We’re also working to develop new fast charging facilities across the region.
The East Coast Main Line and the Leamside Line
As a region, the North East relies on this vital line for all of our services to London, Scotland and the Midlands, as well as to Leeds and Manchester.
The North East Freight Quality Partnership
North East Freight Partnership was first established back in 2005 and represents a collaboration between freight operators, local authorities, academics, user groups, industry associations and anyone with a keen interest in freight...
Transforming Cities Fund (TCF)
In March 2018, the Department for Transport (DFT) launched a Call for Proposals for authorities wanting to secure capital funding from its Transforming Cities Fund (TCF).