Transport North East

Decision making

Our work is wide-ranging and aims to drive regional connectivity.

Transport North East is proud to work on behalf of the region’s Combined Authorities to develop strategies and deliver substantial funding for schemes which will change the future of regional transport.

We work on behalf of The North East Joint Transport Committee, delivering transport solutions for the North East region.

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A graphic showing the structure of the North East Joint Transport Committee and its subcommittees.

The North East Joint Transport Committee (JTC)

The Committee brings together a total of seven members from each of the Constituent Authorities of the region; four Members from the North East Combined Authority and three Members from the North of Tyne Combined Authority. This in accordance with the Order that was created on the 2 November 2018.

Transport is hugely important to the North East and the collaborative working of both Combined Authorities allows swift decision making, ensuring our local needs and transport priorities are delivered.

Members of the public are welcome to attend JTC meetings.

Click here to see the North East Joint Transport Committee Membership.

Meeting dates and papers

Dates for upcoming meetings can be found on the North East Combined Authority (NECA) website here.

NECA publish the meeting papers five working days prior to the meeting and are available here. If a confidential item is discussed, members of the public will be asked to leave (these are usually left until the end of the meeting).

Whilst meetings are open to attend, members of the public do not have a right to speak but may do so if invited by the Chair. If a member of the public has a special interest in an item on the agenda and would like to speak, requests should be sent by email or post to the North East Combined Authority. Your request will be sent to the Chair who will make a decision.

Joint Transport Committee Tyne and Wear Sub-Committee

A number of transport functions were delegated by the North East Leadership Board to the Transport North East Committee, and then to the Tyne and Wear Sub-Committee.

The Tyne and Wear Sub-Committee advises the Transport North East Committee on local needs and priorities and provides a local focus for delivery of transport functions.

The Sub-Committee takes responsibility for delivery of programmes, determination of local priorities and co-ordination of highway management functions with partner agencies.

Meeting dates and papers

Meeting dates can be found here. Papers can also be found here.

JTC Overview and Scrutiny Committee

Effective scrutiny arrangements are an essential part of local democracy. These arrangements enhance accountability and the transparency of decision-making. This enables local councillors to fully represent the views of their constituents.

Meeting dates and papers

Meeting dates can be found here. Papers can also be found here.

Joint Transport Committee Audit Committee

The Audit and Standards Committee is a key component of the North East Combined Authority’s corporate governance arrangements.

It is an important source of assurance about the organisation’s arrangements for managing risk, maintaining an effective control environment and reporting on financial and other performance, and for the promotion and maintenance of high standards of conduct by its elected and co-opted members.

Meeting dates and papers

Meeting dates can be found here. Papers can also be found here.