Tyne Tunnel toll increase for LGVs from April

From 11 April, the toll for the Tyne Tunnel will increase by 20p for drivers of Class 3 vehicles.

Class 3 vehicles include LGVs, buses and vans over 3.5 tonnes in weight.

The North East Joint Transport Committee, which owns the Tyne Tunnels, confirmed at its meeting in January 2022 that the new toll will increase from £3.70 to £3.90. Permit holders will still receive a 10% discount on their journey, making the new toll for account holders £3.51, up from £3.33.

The upkeep and construction costs of the tunnels are solely funded by tolls, not council tax, and the toll increase, applied under the terms of the River Tyne (Tunnels) Order 2005, is necessary to cover the running and maintenance costs of the tunnels, in line with inflation.

It will be the first increase for Class 3 vehicles since August 2020 and is linked to the Retail Price Index (PRI) figures approved by the Secretary of State for Transport. There will be no further revisions to the tolls within the next 12 months.

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Chair of the North East Joint Transport Committee, Cllr Martin Gannon, said: “The Tyne Tunnels remain an essential link for residents, visitors and businesses in the region and the tolls generate income which covers the cost to the Joint Transport Committee of the overall running of the Tyne Tunnels, including payments to TT2 (the company responsible for the day-to-day management of the tunnels), for its operation, maintenance and financing costs of building the second tunnel, which has benefited tens of thousands of daily commuters since it opened in 2011. In addition, the Joint Transport Committee has loans and other operating costs which need to be covered by the toll revenue, hence the necessary increase come April.”

There is no increase for cars at this time and motorbikes, service buses, ambulances and fire vehicles continue to use the tunnels toll-free.

As of 8 November 2021, all road users have been able to drive straight through the Tyne Road Tunnels, without stopping, thanks to the introduction of a new barrierless tolling system, otherwise known as the Tyne Pass Scheme.  There have been over 6 million journeys since the system came into operation and so far Tyne Pass has already achieved a 90% reduction in carbon emissions which aligns with our ambitions to significantly reduce air pollution in the North East Transport Plan.

For more information on the Tyne Tunnels and Tyne Pass scheme visit: Tyne Pass – Tyne Tunnel 2 (tt2.co.uk)

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