Political transport leads set to debate the region’s first Transport Plan

Political transport leads are set to debate the region’s first Transport Plan, an ambitious multi-billion-pound strategy which will drive forward major improvements across the North East network up to 2035.

The Plan includes a live programme of 296 proposed schemes across the region which would reshape the transport network over the next 15 years. It includes an initial £6.1bn of transformative projects, an investment figure which is expected to grow significantly across the lifespan of the plan as schemes develop.

Members of the North East Joint Transport Committee (NEJTC) will debate the draft document at its next meeting on 17 November 2020. If approved, an 8-week public consultation on the draft plan will launch on 19 November.

Cllr Martin Gannon, Chair of the North East Joint Transport Committee, said: “Strong transport links are absolutely essential to the long-term economic success of the region and we want to deliver a game-changing network for the people of the North East.

“Independent reports have shown that levels of transport investment per head in the North East are up to seven times lower than in London. This Transport Plan explains how we will address this imbalance and, if we have the same level of investment, how we will be able to transform the lives of people here in the North East.

“We can’t wait to discuss this incredibly ambitious plan with the region’s two million people. We’re urging as many people as possible to get involved with the public consultation – talk to us, share your thoughts on our plans and help us to deliver real change across the network.”

Cllr Gannon added: “The draft Transport Plan marks the first time the whole of the North East has come together to agree a long-term strategy for transport. We’ve agreed to a consistent set of policies which will help us achieve our aim of moving to a green, healthy, dynamic and thriving North East.”

The draft North East Transport Plan includes many road, rail and public transport projects which will drive forward increased connectivity. It also details numerous sustainable travel schemes which aim to greatly improve both the physical and mental health of people across the region. Consultation materials will be available from 19 November subject to the draft plan being given consent to consult by the North East Joint Transport Committee. Full details of the public consultation will follow in due course.

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