Or, you can buy a £3 unlimited day ticket to get round County Durham, Northumberland and Tyne & Wear – you can even go by bus, Metro or ferry!

So, if you’re going to college, work or just meeting mates – it’s a cheaper, greener way to get around.

*Proof of age may be required. Terms and conditions apply.

BSIP 21 and under tickets terms and conditions

Cheaper options may be available for your travel today, please check with the operator of your chosen service to compare prices. All tickets are non-refundable and must be replaced if lost or damaged. All tickets are also subject to the relevant operators’ conditions of carriage.

This fare may not be available on a small number of services such as tour buses and match day services.

  1. Proof of age may be required.*
  2. Day Rover’s only allow travel within each zone named in the ticket.
    1.1. The TNE Zone is defined as Northumberland, Durham and Tyne & Wear.
    1.2. If the service partially operates outside of the TNE Zone, the products are only valid for parts of the journeys that are wholly within that zone.
  3. Where a ticket has been generated with a QR code this should be scanned for all subsequent journeys, where possible.
    2.1 If your ticket does not have a QR code then the ticket should be presented to drivers/Metro staff for all subsequent journeys.
  4. All tickets are non-refundable and must be replaced if lost or damaged.
  5. All tickets are subject to the relevant operators’ conditions of carriage.
  6. Ticket holders do not have precedence over other passengers.
  7. The unlimited day fare covers bus, Metro, Shields Ferry and the Northern Rail services between Blaydon and Sunderland.

In the event of a suspension of services because of strikes, labour disputes, emergency or adverse weather conditions, reasonable refunds or extension of validity of pre-purchased tickets may be considered but the decision will be entirely at the discretion of the company. Refunds will not be made in respect of days on which it can reasonably be foreseen that no service or a replaced service will be provided, or days on which the company has advertised a reduction or suspension of service such as Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

*Valid ID is defined as: a Passport (UK or International), proof of age cards with a PASS logo (e.g. a CitizenCard or Young Scot card), a driving licence or provisional driving licence (UK or EU), EU national identity card, a NHS Medical Card, Stagecoach U19 ID card, Nexus U16 Pop card, Arriva North East Teen Card or Network One Young Persons ID card.


Who is eligible for the ticket?

Any one aged 21 or under is eligible for the ticket.

Which bus services can I use these ticket on?

Most operators in the Durham, Northumberland and Tyne & Wear regions are participating in the scheme and the products are valid on the majority of services. There are a limited number of services where these products will not be valid including tour buses, match day services and some school services.

Where can I purchase tickets?

Tickets can be purchased in advance online or through operators apps as well as being able to purchase on the bus – just ask the driver for the named ticket above.

Products that are valid in the Tyne & Wear area will be available to purchase on Metro ticket machines also.

How do I use a Day ticket?

This will depend on which operator you are travelling with and the type of ticket machine they have.

Where a QR code is generated on your ticket this should be scanned on services where ticket machines facilitate this. If the ticket purchased does not have a QR code, just show the ticket to the driver on all subsequent trips. You will also be able to show the ticket to Tyne and Wear Metro staff to gain access through the barriers.

Go North East and Arriva services have ticket machines where QR codes will be printed and scanned for each journey.

Tickets purchased through Stagecoach and Metro will not produce QR codes.

Is it cheaper to buy Day tickets than a Return?

This will vary depending on your travel plans. You are advised to check with your operator or where possible use a journey planner to compare prices depending on your travel requirements. The NTL Day tickets have been reduced.

How many journeys can I do with these tickets?

There is no limit on the number of journeys which can be made within the validity of your travel ticket – so the more journeys you make, the more money you will save!

What if I am not sure how many journeys I will do in a day?

A ticket cannot be re-issued during its validity and therefore a decision needs to be made in advance of purchasing your ticket as to which product will offer the best value.

In 2024 we are aiming to implement smart capping which will enable flexibility so the best value fare will be calculated automatically for the user.

Why are these tickets being introduced?

The Enhanced Partnership consists of local transport authorities and bus operators working together to enhance the bus network and improve services across the North East. These fares initiatives are being delivered through money awarded to the region through our Bus Service Improvement Plan. The scheme is funded until March 2025.

Is there any consideration for if I live near the boundary of one zone?

The Enhanced Partnership is continuing to collaborate on boundary areas and is aiming to introduce more flexibility for journeys that originate near a county border and cross into the next area. For the time being this is not part of the scheme, therefore the regionwide ticket may be the best option.

What if I lose my ticket?

Tickets are non-refundable and will not be replaced.

Will I be offered the product(s) where my journey starts in the North East but ends in a different region?

No. The products are only available for customer journeys that are wholly in the Tyne and Wear, Durham County Council and Northumberland County Council areas.

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